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Our local area
Aeriko is situated between the two famous villages of Makrinitsa and Portaria, on Mounts Pelion slope.

Portaria is gifted with natural excessive goodness of crystal waters, beautiful vegetation and unique sunshine. Centaur and Dryad used to walk underthose perennial plane trees thousandsof years ago.Portaria has fabulous traditional mansions and cobbled roads.

One finds an equally beautiful village just three kilometers across Portaria. This village is Makrinitsa that very rightly, has been characterized as Mounts Pelion balcony. The village is situated 15 kilometers from the city of Volos and its architecture is traditional with terraced houses. Makrinitsas history goes far back into time and it is nationally acknowledged for its beauties. Its breathtaking view, the traditional mansion houses, the stone bridges, the fountains and the old tannery make up its unique character.

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Where to find us
Address: 1st km Portaria-Makrinitsa
Pelion, Greece. T.K.: 37011
Tel.: +302428099710, 6978556347(cell)
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